Corn Broth


6 Fresh Ears of Corn, shucked, save the cob

1/2 cup of frozen corn

1 medium onion roughly chopped

3 stocks of celery, rough chopped

3 carrots, rough chopped

3 cloves of garlic, minced

4 springs of thyme

2 bay leaves

Salt and Pepper to taste

4 quarts of water



1. combine all ingredients, except for salt and pepper into a pot.

2 Bring the water to boil, and then turn the heat down to simmer.

3 simmer for about 3 hours

4 strain the both and discard the vegetables.

5 using a paper towel strain the both again, for clarity.

6 Pour the both back into a pot and place it over heat and reduce it to 3/4

7 season with salt and pepper to taste

8 serve warm or hot.

9 Add salmon or bits of chicken if you'd like or serve the both only

10 Check the seasoning before serving, and garnish with fresh thyme